Datagrid loading indicator doesnt disappear

I have a screen with two datagrids and a chart. I have set all the datasources to not load until a selection has been made from a dropdown selection. This works beautifully. However, for some reason the first grids isLoading animation doesnt stop loading even though the second grid does and it doesnt affect the chart

I have tried setting the isLoading to false in code as per other posts but i get an error stating that I cannot set the read only value. I have set each datagrid up exactly the same and yet i get differing results.
Your help is appreciated.

Not sure how you set this. Usually this is bound to a page property which is set to true/false when needed.

@enchev I followed this link which, although a little old was exactly what i was experiencing. Are you suggesting that I set a page property to do this instead or is it just a comment on the fact i am trying to set it myself?

This post is old. There is a IsLoading property exposed for the DataGrid that can be used in the way I described in my previous post.

I can see that and I understand it, what i dont understand is that i have two grids on the screen set up in exactly the same way but whereas one acts as i expect the other does not. Why is that happening? I have not changed anything and I have tried ticking and unticking the box you highlighted but the result is the same

I cannot comment since I'm unable to reproduce and debug the problem. Try to debug your application to see if the code that should stop the loading is executed at all.

I am not wanting to write code to stop the loading, i would like the first datagrid to not show the loading animation when there is nothing to load, as the other grid does. If the isLoading box should turn this on and off automatically i can say that is not happening for me currently

As I said already in my previous replies the loading indicator depends on IsLoading property. There is no automatic code that will turn on or turn off loading.

I am hoping that this post may clear some things up. There are two grids on the screen, both grids are standard ones that have the load events on them only happen if a page entity is not null. The page entity is set on the change event of the drop down box. Grid0 shows as always loading, Grid1 doesnt. I would like Grid0 to act the same as Grid1. When I look at the loading events in the browser the load events of Grid0 or Grid1 are not called. Following @enchev previous replies I have created a boolean page property called enchev and set it to false (step 14).

I have then gone into the load properties of grid0 and made sure that this property is set to false if i am not loading data into the grid.

I have made sure that the isLoading property of grid0 is using this page property

and then when i run this package it still just shows the loading animation

The only way it seems to stop this is allow it to run a needless query with null being passed rather than the value in the selection which results in a No records found.

It is not clear from your screenshots if a Page variable bound to DataGrid Data property is set in LoadData event. If the Data is not set the loading will stay forever. Here is how typical DataGrid binding looks like:

the second screenshot entilied gridloadevent does show that it sets a variable to the result.value of the load and it does exactly the same as your example apart from i have the condition ${selectedAccount} != null.

Please remember that the other datagrid on the page is set up exactly the same way but doesnt behave the same

Exactly this condition can cause the described problem in my opinion. I have no other ideas and the only way to help you is to ask you to send us an application where we can run, reproduce and debug the problem.