DataGrid InLine Edit -> Cascade dropdowns for different columns?

Hi, this is an example of my tables structure:

TblAllData -> dataID (PK), dataClientID (FK), dataProjectNumber

TblClients -> clientID (PK), clientName

TblProjects -> projectID (PK), projectNumber, projectName, projectClientID (FK)

So this is my table structure (Simplified for this example).

I have a DataGrid InLine Edit and the Data for this grid comes from "TblAllData".

In my DataGrid, I have 2 dropdown, "Client" and "Project".

The Client relation is correctly declared in the DB Schema, so Radzen knows and I can just put the following in the "Text" property of the Client Column:

${data.TblClients.clientID} - ${data.TblClients.clientName}

and Radzen will display in my Grid the Client ID followed by its name.

Now comes the issue, the Project table is structured differently.

The relation is between the Client table and the Project table (so a client can have multiple projects),
and what I need is, when you seelct a Client from the first dropdown in my DataGrid, I want to show all Projects for that Client.

My SQL query would be: "SELECT projectNumber, projectName FROM TblProjects WHERE projectClientID = dataClientID"

But now I have no clue how to implement this in Radzen while keeping my Table structure, I guess the issue is Radzen doesn't see the connection between TblAllData and TblProjects.

A initial solution was, to put in the Change event of the first dropdown (in Edit Template), the invoke of TblProjects, and use as Filter the current selection of the Client dropdown.

But if I do this, and save the Result of that invoke in a property called "Test" for example, I will have an issue in a specific case:

I want to open the Edit of multiple rows at the same time, all will use "Test" property to fill the second dropdown, but each row has a different value for the first dropdown, so this break everything.

Is there a solution? Am I missing something?
Is it possible to make the main Invoke, also retrieve all Projects for a Client?