Datagrid header and profileMenu CSS conflict

Datagrid header overlaps RadzenPerofileMenuItem
Memu items are so covered by datagrid header

My theme is

Schermata 2023-05-29 alle 16.51.20

Works normally in our demos using latest Radzen.Blazor:

The problem is still present, even updating to the latest version

I tried to force some css z-index and have noticed that:

  • no effect increasing the z-index value on ul.rz-profile-menu class

  • it works lowering the value of z-index for the class .rz-grid-table thead

<RadzenProfileMenu Style="margin-right:25px" Visible="@(Security.IsAuthenticated())" Click="@Profilemenu0Click" z-index="1000">

this z-index worked for me