DataGrid Hanging when Changing Page Size with Filter and bind-Settings

Using the RadzenDataGrid with AllowPaging locks up when switching the page size with bind-Settings when a filter is applied. To replicate, apply a valid filter then change the page size twice. Third attempt to change the page size hangs. If the count displayed after filtered is less than the size of the page size, appears to hang when selecting the new page size.

using Radzen.Blazor (4.3.4)

I was able to reproduce this - fix will be published before the end of this week.

Thanks, I though this was becouse of my large grids

Still freezes using load/save Settings

I have been facing this issue stil in WASM when using load/save settings

Already answered. Avoid posting duplicate posts.

Its not been solved, multiple cases of users reporting this.

Feel free to submit pull request with your proposal for a fix.

I have still problem with combination of @bind-Settings and PageSizeOptions in my WASM application. Is it solved or does it wait for sth?

Unfortunately I cannot upload video here but you can easily reproduce it when you add PageSizeOptions to your demo page and try to change page size

Do you not, as the product owner, have your own fix?

Please detail where this has been solved, @enchev

Hey @FoxAndFoxElectrics,

This is an old thread related to issue from 2022 - the issue was fixed the same week it was reported.

I am still presenting this issue, is there a plan for it to be addressed?