DataGrid - Grouping Problem

Dear Radzen,

The new feature is incredible. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Unfortunately, there is a small problem in the work:


Thanks for the report @Agefer! It will be fixed in the next update early next week!

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How do you set grouping up Ive been trying to figure this out for over 4 hrs!!!!!

Hey @Ideplo,

I’ve replied to your other thread. The first grouping example title starts with: Set AllowGrouping="true" to enable group by column.

I would like to kindly ask you to not open/post on multiple threads with the same questions. Check our forum FAQ for more info.

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Understood! Can you tell me how to get the data to group the whole dataset? Currently the grouping takes place per page. For instance, if I have 100 records and I'm showing 20 per page. The grouping will group all the "A" items on page 1 and group all the "A" items on page 2... I would think it would group all "A"s in the entire dataset and present them on page one.


You can turn off paging if you want to group all data.

If I have a larger dataset thats not feasible so I have a problem.

Can you point me to an example on how to bind the Datagrid in code? When I try "refDataGrid.Data =" I get the message "DataGrid should not be set outside of its component"

To solve my problem above I want to try to unbind the DataGrid, do a OrderBy on the dataset so that I can get a particular field items together. Then rebind the grid and then I'll use the GroupDescriptor via code to visually group the grid.


hi Enchev,
I am trying to use this grouping feature on Blazor Server application with nuget version 3.11.9, but I am not able to find AllowGrouping property in the dll, i get the rest like AllowPaging etc.
Please could you suggest if I am missing something.
Thanks in Advance.

It is available only for RadzenDataGrid, not for the legacy RadzenGrid.

Thanks so much for a quick reply. Indeed that is where i was incorrect.