Datagrid Frozen Column

Hi, is there a way I can suppress/stop the datagrid from automatically using a class to style frozen columns? To treat them the same way as columns that are not frozen?


Hi @SolutionJ,

You can't suppress this class from rendering. What do you want to achieve visually?

Hi. I’ve made use of the composite columns feature to show a single datagrid record over two ‘rows’. I didn’t like the way the alternate row color option worked in this scenario, so instead I’m using row and cell render events to alternate colors so that they change per datagrid record rather than row, but my color change doesn’t work on frozen columns, and I would like it to.

While we’re here, it would be a good enhancement if it was possible to alter the Tab sequence in a datagrid like this. As it stands, it rans across all the top row columns, then starts tabbing a across the bottom row, whereas from my point of view I would like it to go e.g, col1, top row, col1, bottom row, col2, top row, col2, bottom row etc.

This is all about squeezing more columns into the display area of a page to reduce the need to scroll, especially when doing inline editing. The datagrid is a really good tool and the composite columns feature is very nice, but if it could be improved to recognise alternating color schemes in the way I’ve manually implemented, and support this type of tabbing option, then it would be an even better tool for use in line of business applications.


Following on, perhaps an optional attribute that could be added to the Edit Template called something like NextColumn, e.g., NextColumn=“colname”, which could be used when the Tab key is pressed?

I am not sure what your implementation is so I can't provide any tips here just based on your description.

The DataGrid isn't a single tabstrop component and the arrow keys should be used. Check the supported shortcuts here

The TabIndex attribute already supports that.

Ah. Didn't that worked in a Datagrid / Inline Editing setting.

Many thanks @korchev