DataGrid: Force Mobile Layout based on container width

I love the Radzen Grid Component's ability to restructure to a compact display when the screen size is reduced for mobile display. Is there a way to force that mobile-friendly layout based on container width rather than viewport?

My current setup has the grid contained within a ViewComponent that fills roughly half of the screen:

The user has the option of expanding the ViewComponent to fill the majority of the page. I can't include a screenshot because I am a new user.

When the page loads and the parent ViewComponent is relatively narrow, I would like to force the DataGrid to display as it would on a mobile device (unless the user has one of those massive TV-sized monitors). I'm already checking the size of the parent component, so I can handle manually switching between view modes if there exists a switch on the DataGrid component that will force the compact mode.


Here is the image of the expanded parent ViewComponent in case my meaning was unclear

Hi @JPalmgren,

Currently this issn't supported out of the box. You can probably use the actual CSS that does it somehow:

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