Datagrid Footer (Paging) Disappears

Hi, I have been using page size options with a datagrid in v2.30.x and v2.31.0. The datagrid footer (paging) seems to disappear when the page size option exceeds the total record count returned. All of the records are correctly displayed, but I must refresh the browser page to make the footer reappear. For example, my test table only has 19 records. I start with a page size option of 10. The next option is 100, then 1000. After the initial load, I can set the page size to 100 or 1000 which triggers the issue. Any advice? Thank you.

I forgot to note this project is using Angular.

We will expose AlwaysShowPager property for the DataGrid in the upcoming release later today.

I have tested the new property in v2.31.2, and it works as expected. Thanks!