DataGrid Filters applied runtime, Query.Filter is empty


We are using Radzen 3.14.1. .NET 5.0 Blazor Server.
We are dynamically defining the Datagrid columns as well as any filters needed to be applied. We are looping over the column list in the markup, similar to this:

@foreach (var c in drawingColumns)
<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="DomBase" Property="@c.Name" Title="@c.Name" Frozen="true" Width="120px" TextAlign="TextAlign.Left" Type=@c.Type FilterOperator=@c.Filters.First().Operator FilterValue=@c.Filters.First().Value />

This is all working fine, after we set the filter(s), the Datagrid displays the blue filter, and filter is applied.

However, the Query.Filter value is an empty string, we were expecting the applied filter(s) to be represented in the Query.Filter string. Is this the normal behavior in this situation?