Datagrid Filter Error When ' (single quote) Included in Search String

I stumbled upon a minor issue in v2.42.8: While typing a search string into a data grid filter I found that the ' character (single quote/apostrophe) produces an odata error:

The query specified in the URI is not valid. There is an unterminated string literal at position 21 in 'contains(Symbol, ''')'.

The actual request is similar to this:


It appears the single quote is properly encoded, but I think odata requires the character to be escaped which I guess can be accomplished by duplicating it within the string like so:


@korchev I think this post slipped between the cracks. I understand you have had some larger issues to deal with recently. Am I doing something wrong, or does this look like an issue? Thank you for all your effort!

Hi @lsummy,

We are indeed overwhelmed with a lot more serious stuff at the moment. Still we are closely monitoring the forum and nothing "slips between the cracks".

We will investigate the reported issue when things are less hectic.

On a side note if you are in need of dedicated support or you wish to expedite the investigation consider getting a Radzen Professional subscription.

Thanks @Korchev. I appreciate your time on this product as a whole. Your team has historically been very good about responding to my posts, so thank you. It seems every reported "issue" could be complimented with a couple dozen "wow this a great feature" comments. :slight_smile: Radzen is the most flexible and most easily implemented RAD system I have tested. I am certainly planning to upgrade subscription when my project gets a more solid green light. For now, test, test, test.

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