Datagrid filter by DateTimeOffset

Hi Radzen :vulcan_salute:

I'm binding to a data source with the LoadData event as outlined here:

I'm unable to get the filter working on DateTimeOffset, nor the DateTime columns. Could you please have a look at the sample project I sent through to, to see where I'm going wrong?


Thanks for the report @damian_s! Fix will be released with our update tomorrow.

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Hi @enchev,

I've updated to 3.6.2 of Radzen.Blazor, but I'm receiving the following when filtering by date in the sample project I sent through:

System.Linq.Dynamic.Core.Exceptions.ParseException' in System.Linq.Dynamic.Core.dll

Is there something else I need to do to filter by dates?

Hi @damian_s,

You are getting this exception since your database fields are named DateTime and DateTimeOffset.

Ah, thanks! That fixed it for the DateTime field.
But DateTimeOffset still throws the same exception.

Hi @damian_s ,

Unfortunately you are right. There is still problem with DateTimeOffset - we will do our best to publish update with fix tomorrow.