DataGrid - Deleted related record does not update the expanded row

Consider an expanding grid for a form that displays the related record.
In this grid, consider a column with a [Delete] button.
Consider expanding the grid to display the related record.
Now consider that the user has pressed the [Delete] button on the grid.
The record is deleted and, subsequently, the 'itemGrid.Reload ()' is called.

The relationship form (open in the expansion) remains visible.

The 'itemGrid.Reload ()' event should close all expanded lines to avoid a relationship error or phantom form linked to an expanded line.

Or, add a method to close the expanded lines in the "RowRender" event.

I think it would be the best option.

private void RowRender(RowRenderEventArgs<AgendaItem> args)
    agendaItemSel = args.Data;
    args.Expandable = args.Data.SituacaoAgenda == SituacaoAgenda.Ocupada;

In our case, the following occurred:
The related item (a booking reservation) has been deleted. The schedule slot has been updated to 'free'. The 'Expandable' property was changed to 'false', but the related (expanded) form kept appearing in the grid.