DataGrid custom sorting / filterring

I have a RadzenDataGrid component with Excel-like data.
My data is a string. And column names are dynamic.
Many columns have mixed strings / decimal content.
I'd love to be able to sort/filter my data. Unfortunately, i found only one example with custom columns and "magic" string construction "It[{name}]"
syntax ( Blazor DataGrid Component - Dynamic Data | Free UI Components by Radzen).
It'll be great if i can simply pass my lambda to filter/sort data.
Like this:
bool Filter (T row, Column column);
int Sort(T row1, T row2, Column); Or same with set of columns.

This expression make sense only if you are binding to IEnumerable<IDictionary<string, object>> like in our demo. In Dynamic LINQ you can use all kind of expressions:

Also you can always use LoadData to provide your own filtering and sorting.

Exactly. I bind to dictionary with string as key and object as value. And I'd live to be able to sort by simply passing my own lambda to sort.
Something like: DataGrid - MudBlazor

Overloading DataLoad looks overkill for simple custom sorting/filterring

This is how custom sorting and filtering is done in our DataGrid.

AFAIK this class is the key. public class SortDescriptor
public string Property { get; set; }
public SortOrder? SortOrder { get; set; }
}. From the "datagrid-dynamic" example. There is no real property with real name. And from the domain model it looks like this "Property" should be a column descriptor.
Ill try to explain a bit more.
Sorting and ordering are visual.
Underlying object can have one property with many visual representations. Just as example: Internal field could be integer month number. and have visual representation as Month number, Month Name and (for example) Month name length. And each presentation should have own sorting/filterring code.
Additionally: for mixed data (typical for data from excel, where columns could have some texts in data columns, it could be interesting how to realize custom sorting/filterring. As for now if I specify decimal for column with object type where many rows are decimal but only one is string i just got an exception.
It's just my ideas about filterring in a grid. May be it help. I'm ready to discuss more precisely, just let me know.