DataGrid Custom Filtering with DropDownDataGrid

Hello there, I'm trying to filter one of my datagrid columns using multiple values from a DropDownDatagrid filter template. I'm having an issue and the products will no longer populate because of an error within the filter method. Is it possible to have the Datagrid filter by multiple selection of properties? Here are some shots of what I'm working with. I'm fairly new to queries and could be doing something wrong on my end, but I need to know if this is possible in the first place.

Check what the type of gridItemGroupSelection is. It seems to be a String but it should be IEnumerable<String>. Refer to the multiple selection demo of RadzenDropDownDataGrid.

Thank you I'm reviewing this today, I keep getting this error now
This seems
Error: No applicable aggregate method 'ToLower()' exists (at index 59)
I am able to remove the CaseInsensitive property of the datagrid fixing the 'ToLower()' error I was having, but then I'm left with the same error as above.
gridItemGroupSelection type is IEnumerable.

here is a snippet of my code and the error I continuously receive. It could be something simple that I'm missing. as you can see I've simplified away from the dropdown datagrid and went with the radzen dropdown instead. Let me know if you see anything I could do differently to get this filter functioning.