Datagrid Column Limit?

Is there a limit to how many columns or how wide a datagrid can be? I have a datagrid which I use for a large report and there are a number of columns after ClassAction in the grid, but it doesn't show up on the form. However, when I export to excel, all the remaining columns do show up. ClassAction is the 33rd column if that means anything

Hi @kgordon,

There is no such limit. How many columns are defined in the DataGrid? The export will work directly with the data and will export all table columns unless $select query is defined.

47 columns on the datagrid. The export is working as it should. The grid stops at the 33rd column

Is any Width defined for these columns? Can you try to set individual columns Width or ColumnWidth for the whole grid?

Setting the ColumnWidth worked! Thanks.

On a related note, do you have an example where one sets the ${select} value to the columns visible in the datagrid?

This parameter ($select) should be part of the export action parameters.