Datagrid cell change event

I have created a razor app with an editable data grid. I want to use a change event in one column to calculate the content of the next column. How do I go about it. I have not seen any examples to follow

Hi @Michael_Ofori-Appiah,

You can use the Change event of the component from the EditTemplate of that column. The column itself doesn't have such an event.

Thanks. When I use the change event as show below, it says cannot convert from Microsoft.AspnetCore.Components.EventCallback to Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.EventCallback

<EditTemplate Context='model'>
<RadzenNumeric @bind-Value="@model.ScheduleQuantity" Change="@(args => CalculateCost(args))" />
</ EditTemplate>

Private async Task CalculateCost(object args)

The type of the args parameter should match the type of the ScheduleQuantity property. The error you are getting occurs because args is declared as object.

Thanks for your assistance.