Datagrid Button User Role Securty


How can we add securty control at a Datagrid Add Button? If user has no role for adding how can we prevent it?


Hi @gurol,

You can show/hide DataGrid Add button depending on user role. For example:


More info about security API can be found here:

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Hello! (this question is regarding Blazor server, but the thread seemed fitting)

I'm wondering if there's an easy way to configure the delete buttons visiblity in datagrids. In the project I'm working in we want them to be visible for Admins and for the user who created the item if the status of the item is "Not started".

I have no problem hiding or showing all of them (Security.IsInRole("Administrator") in template visibility), but that doesn't really fit the purpose I'm afraid :slight_smile: I just want specific delete buttons to be visible, depending on which user is logged on.