Datagrid appearance customization

I'd like to customize the appearance of the datagrid component. I'm creating an alarm list with various alarm severity levels and the row background color would indicate the severity level, from tints of red to orange, yellow, and blue. A perfect solution would enable using a rectangle inside another with alpha blending for style. The text or other cell contents would be inside the inner rectangle. I did this already for iOS, and would like something similarly stylish for this web UI.

Would something like this be possible with the Radzen datagrid or should I look elsewhere?

Hi @ipe,

While I am not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve visually it is possible to customize the appearance of the grid. You can check this example. It shows how to set various attributes of the rows and cells according to the data.

Hi @korchev,
Thanks for the swift reply! That example does exactly what I was looking for. I would show a screenshot of the iOS app but the service is currently offline and I only have one row in the alarm grid, saying that no alarms have been received, and not colored. I'm only expecting to get it back online in September. Anyway, a red background for the whole row and a bit smaller darkish semi-transparent rectangle per cell, with the text in white, and same for the other colors. This should now be doable with the example.

Is it also possible to get rid of the gray grid lines in the datagrid?

I'll continue with further examination on Monday.

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