DataGrid alternating row color with custom RowRender

(Radzen.blazor 2.17.1)
Alternate row color work fine, but when I use the RowRender to add class to specific row, I lose the
"ui-datatable-odd" or "ui-datatable-even" class

    public void RowRender(RowRenderEventArgs<MyRowVm> args)
        if (some_condition)
            args.Attributes.Add("class", "cleared");   // css apply strike through

At run time , tr becomes

tr class="cleared"

in place of

tr class="ui-datatable-even ui-widget-content cleared"


tr class="ui-datatable-odd ui-widget-content cleared"

don't know if it's the same with latest version (3.2.9)

You can add alternate row classes together with your custom classes.

What do you mean by alternate ?
I can add myself ui-datatable-even or odd in my RowRender code,
but how to know if the row is even or odd ?
it depend of the sort order

No, it does not. It's just the index of the item in the current page data.