Datagrid - allow parameters to be sent when pressing add

Would it be possible to allow for parameters to be sent when pressing the Add button on a datagrid?

I’m developing the following:
add/edit screen for a single record let’s say person.
This person has a list of addresses, a list of familymembers, a list of contacts. (data for the grids is filtered on the id of the person)

I use the tabs control.
Tab0: general person information (form)
Tab1: Addresses datagrid
Tab2: Contacts datagrid
Tab3: Familymembers datagrid

When I press Add on any of those grids, I would like to pass the person id to the opening window to be pre-filled.

The only way I can accomplish this at this moment, seems to be not allowing add on the grid and adding a custom add button above the grid.

How would I go about setting this parameter on a form value?
I added the custom button above my grid and pass the parameter to the generated add-person-address component.

"events": {
	"click": [
		"condition": "${person.PersonId} != null",
		"parameters": [
			"name": "PersonId",
			"value": "${person.PersonId}"
		"path": "add-person-address",
		"type": "popup"

In the load of this page, I can conditionally set a property personAddress (equal to the parameter: {PersonId: }).

"events": {
    "load": [
		<load events>
		"condition": "${parameters.PersonId} != null",
		"name": "personAddress",
		"type": "set",
		"value": "${parameters}"

But I’m unable to assign the form on the add-person-address page to this property I’m setting in the page load.
The UI does not allow me to set the “data” property of the form to the personAddress property I’m setting.

I can however go to the add-person-address.json and set that property like so:
"data": "${personAddress}"

And that works (still not visible in the UI). But I’m afraid additional changes will overwrite this again in the json file. Is this a bug or is it intentional?

How would one be able to pre-set one or more values of a form by passing the value as parameter?


You can add parameters to the page that opens when the user clicks the 'Add' button of a DataGrid.

To specify default form field values you can use the DefautValue property of the target form field.22

If the dropdown of the form Data property doesn't allow you to set a value you can use the 'gear' button next to it to switch to the code expression editing UI where you can paste any value such as ${personAddress}.


I hope this helps,

Ok, yes. I clearly didn’t look close enough to all the grid events.