DataGrid Advanced Filter Broken (Even on demo))

Blazor DataGrid Component - Advanced Filter Mode | Free UI Components by Radzen
When filtering by Job Title and selecting "Equals" and selecting any one value followed by Apply, the grid does not update.

The demo is especially designed to work with Contains operator - i.e. which items with specific property values are part of the checked values.

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Ah yes, thank you. I knew that once but forgot. Is there anyway to have it work for Equals to avoid confusion?

You can’t compare single value with collection of values with equal operator.

The semantics of most filters in the world are:

[column value] [operator] [filter value]

When the filter value is a list of values, it doesn't makes sense to specify that the column value CONTAINS the filter value. It makes sense the other way around, but that's not how it works here. If the operator was IN, it would make sense.

I'm sorry for being pedantic, but this means I have to continually explain to my users why the filters are not working as expected. Even with the way it is working now, the fact that using this filter does not change the grid contents in any way further suggests that something is broken.

You can hide irrelevant filter operators by overriding GetFilterOperators() as shown here: