Data not displaying

I have created new application with dataconnection to MSSQL,
Generated CRUD pages. When I run application, I do not get data display in grids, only "loading"....

Any help would be appreciated.
Recreated application 3 times now.

Hi @lpr22,

Please check your browser console and Radzen output pane for errors:

Best Regards,

I also have this problem. I check my browser console and it says this : "The InversePropertyAttribute on property 'Provinces' on type 'Region' is not valid. The property 'Region' is not a valid navigation property on the related type 'Province'. Ensure that the property exists and is a valid reference or collection navigation property."

I have in my database a table Provinces with foreign key of RegionId.


It seems that generated relationship by Radzen is not valid. If you hold Radzen license you can send us your database schema at to check what going on.