Data Grid with lazy loading of data?

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing the full version of Radzen Blazor. What about the data grid with the lazy loading feature? Telerik UI for Blazor and SyncFusion offer this feature.

Maybe you are looking for virtualization? Free Blazor Components | 60+ controls by Radzen

I didn't want to know how many display variants Radzen offers, but whether the data grid also supports lazy loading.

What is lazy loading?

The lazy loading loads data for the grid on demand. The OnScrollChanged event will be fired by the grid, allowing us to get the minimum and maximum ranges of the vizualisation "axes" and then upload the data to the grid.

Or, maybe put so much better:

DataGrid allows you to load large amount of data without [performance] degradation.

Row Virtualization
Row virtualization allows you to load and render rows only in the content viewport. It is an alternative way of paging in which the data will be loaded while scrolling vertically. The number of records displayed in the DataGrid is determined implicitly by height of the content area. The loaded data will be cached and reused when it is needed for next time.

Column Virtualization
Column virtualization allows you to virtualize columns. It will render columns which are in the viewport. You can scroll horizontally to view more columns.

In that case @enchev answered your question right away. RadzenDataGrid supports row virtualization both when binding to IQueryable and via the LoadData event. Column virtualization is not supported.

Virtualization works and it works well. But I was not able to use DataGrid InLine Editing when it is also a virtualized grid.
Here Blazor DataGrid inline editing demonstrated doesn't work if the grid has LoadData or IQuerable source.
How can I edit, add or delete rows and lines from a grid if it is virtualized?
Thank you!