Data Grid - Remove Child Heards?

Is there a way to remove the Headers on a child grid? I need the headers on the main grid, but when it expands it needs to be headerless. I am expanding a log entry and only need the one line displayed.


You can add custom CSS class as attribute for the child grid:

and define the following rule in assets\css\styles.css

.childGrid .ui-datatable-thead {
  display: none;

Thank you, I will give this a try.

Is there a way of doing this without the style sheet? multiple pages use this grid and only this one page doesn't use the headers on expand. So we only have a single site.css in .\css\site.css

Thanks for your reply's

This CSS will work only for a DataGrid with a class childGrid so it won't affect any other DataGrid. There is no other way at the moment to hide the header but CSS.

Can't seem to get the styles.css to be recognized by the grid. In Blazor it's located wwwroot\CSS\styles.css or it has no effect.

In Radzen Blazor applications the CSS file is in the server\wwwroot\assets\css\styles.css file.

I will try adding that path, it does not exist right now. Also I am not using your studio application.

Thank you for your help and quick reply's.

If you are not using Radzen Studio please don't use the Radzen for Blazor forum category. Use Blazor Components instead.

You need to use the class attribute to set the CSS class of a datagrid:

<RadzenGrid class="childGrid">

And add that CSS to the css file of your application.

Sorry I did not know the difference. You can my move posts to there if needed.