Data Grid Filter and Date

I have a data grid that displays data from a table. Some columns are of type "date", others are of type "smalldate". I have German locale set, that is why dates are shown this way: "". The property "FilterDateFormat" is not set.

When I select the filter for a date or smalldate column, I can choose "euqals", "less than" or "greater than". The actual value for the filter is then selected using the built-in date/time picker.

The problem is, that the filter is not working! If I select "less than 15.03.2022" for a column, after the filter got applied, I see records with "23.01.2025" in that column. That is not correct.

Why is the filter not applied? If I use the filter with text column, it works as expected.

Here is what I've tried and it worked:

Date column

SmallDateTime column

Hi @enchev !

Thanks for your reply. Here is my setup (Updates & Support is "date" in SQL server):

Here the filter is NOT set yet.

These are the filter settings.

Here is the applied filter (actually it does not have an effect).

Could this be a problem with the German locale I'm using? You seem to be on an English/US system...

Filtering is performed at data level, cultures, string formats, etc. are not relevant. Moreover if you are using pages created from standard CRUD templates connected to some SQL database it goes directly to your database server:

Here is the same with German culture applied:

Thanks. Looking at the SQL debug code of EF, I was able to find at least the root cause for the problem. When setting the filter on my "UpdatesAndSupportUntil" column, it used:

          WHERE [l].[DateIssued] < '2025-01-01T00:00:00.000'
          ORDER BY [l].[UpdatesAndSupportUntil] DESC
          OFFSET @__p_0 ROWS FETCH NEXT @__p_1 ROWS ONLY

However, the "FilterProperty" of that column is set to UpdatesAndSupportUntil as well as the "SortProperty". Is there anything I missed here?

Ups... the problem was stupid: I used the filter for the wrong column. I did not realize that the filter icon in the header is on the right side. I assumed it to be on the left side and therefore picked the filter of the previous column. I currently use the theme "Fluent (Premium)" and here is no visual indication where one column header ends and the next one starts. Looks nice but usability is a mess! :wink:

To sum it up: Everything is working as expected!