Data Grid cascade filtering. Problem with LoadData event

I retrieve the data for a page with kind of a cascade filtering: the result from one data set is used as a filter value for a next one. I do this not to use too many parameters while navigate between pages.
The problem is that when I search for a value in a field, the request send to the server does not include original filters, only the filter by the value.
The code:

load() {
    this.lhpg.getFamRevClientIds(`fam_rev_id eq ${this.parameters.FamRevId}`, null, null, null, null, null, null, null)
    .subscribe((result: any) => {
      this.CurrentPath = result.value[0];

      this.lhpg.getSpfFulls(`client_id eq ${this.CurrentPath.client_id}`, null, null, null, null, null, null, null)
      .subscribe((result: any) => {
        this.getSpfFullsResult = result.value;..................etc

grid0LoadData(event: any) {
    this.lhpg.getSpfFulls(`${event.filter}`,, event.skip, `${event.orderby}`, != null && event.skip != null, ``, null, null)
    .subscribe((result: any) => {
      this.getSpfFullsResult = result.value;

      this.getSpfFullsCount = != null && event.skip != null ? result['@odata.count'] : result.value.length;
    }, (result: any) => {


Should I completely avoid explicit LoadData event declaration? Why doesn't it inherit the filter for the event?

HI @Nikolay,

We've just improved this and Radzen 2.10.1 will be published later today!

In the new version you will have just this.grid0.load(); in Page Load event and all filters can be applied in one place (DataGrid loadData event):

Furthermore we've added recently Query Builder and you will be able to combine your additional filter together with DataGrid column filters easily:

You can use the same approach in your app as well.

Best Regards,

PS: Confirm to delete for the DataGrid will be also turned on by default in our new CRUD templates: