Data binding/Dropdown

Hi Team!

In my application, I have a crud page called PreEnrolment. I scaffolded the page to only have 7 fields from the database. The Table PreEnrolment has fields that I want to take records from other tables such as intervention_id, intervention_name, region and constituency and update the table.

I want the add PreEnrolment columns to have a drop down where I can select the records that will be in the fields of the table like example, intervetion_id should display a drop down od data being pulled from a table "intervention" using a field called "intervention_id" and intervention_name to show a drop down too of data that is taken from table "intervention" using a field called "name" and same to the others.

Attached is the screenshot:

Maybe you should check some of the Add/Edit CRUD pages that can be generated with Radzen IDE/Radzen Blazor Studio - lookups/DropDowns are generated for one-to-many relationships.

Hi, I'm using Radzen blazor and not Radzen Blazor studio.
And my crud pages are generated by Radzen, I just want when I try to add "PreEnrollment" than when the dialogo pops up I will have a dropdown that is taking data from other tables in the database and displaying them as options in which a user can choose and select from instead of having to type them out.

There is no dropdown option here at the types. And if i remove the input field and add the drop down component than how will i make the options that appear to be from another table ucalled "Intervention" in the database?

Radzen creates dropdowns automatically when there is a foreign key constraint defined between the tables.

The field type that you need is called "lookup" or "lookupopup". Also you seem to be using an Angular application in the screenshot as form fields are only supported there. Make sure you are posting in the right forum category and using the right application type in Radzen.

Okay thank you, It worked.

Now my other question is it possible for example when I select a region name using lookup dropdown than at the Constituency dropdown I will only get constituencies that fall under that specific region .

In my database I have a table called "region" and it has fields like id, name etc while on the other hand I have another table called "constituency" that has fields like id, name, region_id and region_name. region_id is a foreign key from table region which is defined as id.

So I want when I select the a specific region than It will only give me options of constituencies that falls in that regions name or Id.

Attcahed are some screenshots:

DB Region Table

DB Constituency Table

There are plenty of forum threads discussing how to implement cascading dropdowns in both Angular and Blazor. I recommend checking them out.

Also please update the forum category of this post. It is about Radzen.Blazor components while you are using Radzen for Angular.