Data Bind form to stored procedures


I'm trying to bind the results of a stored procedure to populate a form.

And then I'd like to run other SP on the update and delete.

I can open the edit form from the data grid and pass through the ID.

I'm struggling to bind the results of the SP to the form fields.

Invoking SP and returning data set to a property (Organisation)

I'm guessing I need to split the ${Result} up into the relevant fields - but I'm struggling to do this. Can anyone help?

Hi @Howard_Justice,

Stored procedure data source methods return an array of items. The form needs only one item. Try setting the Organisation property to ${result.value[0]} or ${result[0]}

Thanks for that @korchev.

I've set the first item of the array to Organisation and I've mapped the values to properties and set them as the default value in the form. Is that the way you would do it? image