Data being expose after submission of editing the form

Whenever you submit in Edit and goes to the network tab in Dev Tool, you are able to see every table and data related to that table. Example: Customer(12345) in the Network tab of Chrome Dev Tool. This removes the purpose of us using $select or $expand statement. There are sensitive data that are in the same table and their relation. We don't like it to be exposed to the end-user.

Do you want us to support the OData $select parameter for updateXXX methods? And/or remove the automatic $expand for related entities?

var itemToReturn = this.context.OrderDetails.Where(i => i.Id == key);
Request.QueryString = Request.QueryString.Add("$expand", "Order,Product");
return new ObjectResult(SingleResult.Create(itemToReturn))

We are doing the latter in order to support CRUD scenarios. The update result is needed to refresh the DataGrid and display the latest properties.

@HotRice AFAIK if you create a DTO datasource with just the fields that are not sensitive and base the form on that datasource the sensitive fields are not passed to client.

Yea, I guess I have to create each data source for different role. I wouldn't want an end user see all HR related data or business sensitive data. What we did before was using the $expand with $select statement such as $expand=Customer($select=name). With the Odata $expand and especially $select statement, we were able to have a lot of option and pulling data more quickly because it was limiting the expand table that I want to expand instead it return every table and information that is related to that table. For the refresh result of the datagrid after updating, we use Close Dialog with result = ${event} and at the Open Dialog Then statement, we just call the grid to reload such as this.grid0.load(). This help because the automatic reload data after update doesn't reload the child table of the related table.