CustomSecurity Roles

Hi Radzen Devs,

I have followed the CustomSecurity sample in order to use existing tables for authentication.
I have created an user, logged successfully.
I have created roles, and assigned roles to the user.

The issue I face is within the Radzen Editor, when trying to assign access roles to a certain page. it shows the error "Failed to retrieve roles from database. Run the application and add some roles"

Is this an issue with the editor? any workaround?


This editor can only get the roles from locations known to Radzen: the ASP.NET Core Identity tables or Active Directory (when enabled).

You can edit the JSON of the pages manually to set the custom roles:

   "access": ["Authenticated", "MyRole"]

Thank you for the quick answer, Atanas!

I am starting a new project on my company, and will acquire more licensees for my developers.


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