Customizing the scaffolded CRUD pages


Is it possible to modify the template for the automatically generated CRUD pages in order to include an Export (to Excel) button after the grid (similar to the Add button, but below the grid)? I'd like to create interfaces with this export button created by default rather than having to edit each interface manually after it is generated.


Hi @PiF,

No, customizing the built-in templates isn't possible at the moment.

you may be aware of this, but if I needed to do what you say, I'd do it once then copy/paste it in via an editor into the required CRUD source files. not as good as what you asked for, but faster than using the IDE to do each one.

Thought about it. Hopefully a diff tool would be able to spot the exact changes for the first page that implements the button and then I'll be able to inject them into the rest of the pages and just change the data source. But since I"m not very familiar with Angular I was worried that I might miss something in the metadata or elsewhere.

Thanks for the suggestion!

There is no need edit the JSON. Radzen supports copy paste of components out of the box. Copy one component and paste it wherever you need it.

Even better, wasn't aware of this feature since I've been testing the app for only a few days. Thanks!