Custom Services based on Radzen Services

Hello Team,

I already found out how to create a custom Razor Component based on a Radzen Component (Radzen Components from Razor Class Library).

Still I didn’t get to do the same with the Radzen Services such as the NotificationService.

I first created regular c# classes as following (as I did with the basic Radzen Components):

public class MyNotification : RadzenNotification
public class MyNotificationService : NotificationService

Then I added <MyNotification /> in MainLayout.razor and builder.Services.AddScoped<MyNotificationService>(); in Program.cs.

But it didn’t work.

Some help would be great.

Thank you.

What doesn't work? What is supposed to work? It is unclear what the problem is and what you are trying to achieve.

I couldn’t show a notification (via a Button for example) based on my custom service with this code:

@inject MyNotificationService NotifService
NotifService.Notify(new NotificationMessage { Severity = NotificationSeverity.Warning, Summary = "Some Information!", Detail = "", Duration = 4000 });

It did work with the direct Radzen Service and Component.

You can try adding this as well. Not sure it would work but worth to try.

builder.Services.AddScoped<Radzen.NotificationService, MyNotificationService>()

To be honest I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here. I recommend checking the implementation of RadzenNotification.

Unfortunately, it didnt work.
I just dont want to directly use Radzen Components or Services.
The idea was to make custom components and services based on Radzen in a razor class library project.
I managed to do that with the normal components (MyLabel : RadzenLabel) but I couldnt find a solution for RadzenDialog, RadzenNotification, RadzenContextMenu and RadzenTooltip which are sort of special and related to services.