Custom Layouts - Content Container Question

I need to create a custom layout. I have tried the Template Form which is nice but does not give me what I want. I am still restrained by the row and column design of bootstrap.

I decided to try creating a custom layout and place content containers on the page. However, it appears they too are constrained by the bootstrap row and column design. The basic design I am after is a long column to the left and two shorter column stacked just the right of the long left column. Something like this (xxxx being the long side column and yyyy & zzzz stacked and to the right of the side column

xxxx yyyy
xxxx yyyy
xxxx zzzz
xxxx zzzz

Is there a way to achieve this using Radzen layout tools?

Yes, this should be doable in Radzen. Set the size of the first column to a bigger value than the second and third columns.

Here is a screenshot:

The first column is 6 units, the second and third a 3 units.

Assuming the columns are numbered from left to right 1,2,3

I would column 3 position under column 3 with their left side adjacent to the column 1. I am trying to get as close this this as I can. See image

I believe I am getting closer...

You can perhaps do the following - have two columns in the same row. In the second column put another row and add two rows in it. Then those two columns will stretch the first column and vice versa.

Here is how this looks in Radzen.

Thanks for the
idea. I did not know I could do that. I will work with concept and see where it takes me. I am getting closer. (See image). I find I have to use a number of empty objects, like columns, labels, etc to get my layout in the image. I doubt thats' a best practice. I suspect CSS is the better way in the long term.