Custom index.html

Good afternoon,

I am trying to change the index.html but every time I build the app in Radzen index.html gets overridden with the default. How can I add a custom index.html or just modify the existing without it being overridden?


Hi Juliano,

Indeed Radzen overwrites index.html at the moment. We are thinking of ways to allow customization but haven’t finalized anything yet.

What would you like to tweak in that file? Perhaps there is another way to achieve the same without modifying index.html.

Thanks for the reply. There were 3 things I wanted to change:

  1. The title of the app.
  2. The favicon.ico path (Tried changing the icon itself but also gets overriden back to the angular icon).
  3. Removing the default splash-screen from app-root.


Sorry for the late response! Saw your reply too late.

Those are all valid requests and cannot be easily addressed right now because Radzen overwrites those files. We will have them in mind when working on the upcoming layouts feature which should allow design time customization of more aspects of the app - title, loading screen, icon etc.

At the moment the only workaround I can suggest is to tweak those before production build (deployment).


Is this still the status of custom index.html? I'm trying to implement auto refresh and keep losing this code:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="400" />

I've tried a js timer with setTimeout but the app goes unresponsive after a while. I think it's a memory thing on the devices we're using(?) The meta tag refresh seems to work indefinitely.

I will try appending the meta tag via js (?)
Open to other suggestions.

I understand you need to regenerate to populate new script names etc but it would be great if there was some way to do partial regen or a spot in the header & body that would be ignored.


There is the code generation ignore list now. You can add the index.html there.

Oh thanks. I assumed index.html couldn't be ignored since the script tag were being updated upon generation.