Custom FilterTemplate indicator

Hello @Team.

In the DataGrid, when using the default advanced column filters, their icon is highlighted when a filter is applied. How can I do the same when using a custom FilterTemplate?

Here's what I tried:

private async Task FilterControllerNameChanged(ChangeEventArgs args)
    DataGrid.ColumnsCollection[0].FilterValue = (string)args.Value;
    FilterControllerName = (string)args.Value;
    await ApplyFilter();

Because in the source code, I noticed the icon is directly relative to the FilterValue property. However this didn't work.

By the way, I know you're about to release a new DataGrid component with virtualization, and that's awesome!

Hi @kim,

Binding column FilterValue was not very reliable in our existing RadzenGrid however it's improved in our new RadzenDataGrid component which is already in master branch and it will be released to NuGet later today.

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