Custom filter function in components


Is it possible to use a custom function to process the filter in the components (which have filtering function)?

If not, it would be interesting to be able to customize the filtering function in the components. Right now there is a list that contemplates that the filter is sensitive or not, but in languages other than English: French, Spanish, ... there are letters (vowels) that can be found with accent or without accent or even with two types of accents and this is not contemplated by the current filtering function.

Perhaps the simplest would be the possibility of being able to use an own filtering function in some situations, a function similar to Change in RadzenDropDown, which calls a function every time the selected value changes, only in the case of the filter it would have to be the filter text and the collection or maybe you think of some other better option.


Hi @ctnet,

Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll log your request for custom filtering.

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Thank you, @enchev

Hi @enchev,

Have you made progress on this?


Hi @enchev

Any advanced in this topic,

using demo app I'm sending you some images about problem.



Check this thread for more info:

ListBox demo is updated as well:

ok, thank you so much!