Custom Dropdown List (from Lightswitch)

In Lightswitch we had access to create a field on a table that had a custom list of dropdown items that are not stored in a related table but directly in the code. I have used this for some status columns before for a choice list like Active / InActive. How would this be done in Radzen?

Hello josh, if I understand correctly you want to relate the dropdown with something manual right?
I did this by setting a property, and giving it an array value, and dropdown referencing it.
a example (this is in the load)


I’m able to create the property on the load but when I try to bind the field I’m a bit lost. The field type is String but I don’t seem to be able to set that to dropdown. This is on a CRUD generated Add dialog page. The form and all fields were automatically created.

Hi @joshwilliam,

You need to set the Data property of the lookup form field. It should appear in the dropdown. Then TextProperty and DataProperty.