Custom Chart Support for banding, icon, vertical markers


I am providing two image below from our UX team on the types of charts they want in the product. I would like to stay with blazor centric charts that Radzen provides, but I am not sure if there is out of the box support for the requirements. I think the simple charts would be supported (image 1 below), but the more custom chart with banding, icons, and vertical markers may not be supported. Would you be able to provide a comment on which image would be supported out of the box?

If there isn't any support for the custom chart (image 2), are there any plans to support these types of chart options? While my preference is to have a blazor centric solution, I have not found any native blazor charting solutions which would work without forking the code or using a blazor wrapper around an JavaScript chart...if you have any insights, that would be helpful.


In addition, if we we had an Enterprise subscription, would it make a difference with implementation of additional features for the custom chart (image 2).

Hi @TheRHogue,

Unfortunately those features are not available in the Radzen Blazor chart component. From them only stacked bars/columns is on our roadmap but will not happen soon. You should probably try a JavaScript chart - the market leader is quite powerful and would probably meet all of your needs.

We don't have the capacity at the moment to implement those features. All our resources are concentrated on Radzen Blazor studio.

thank you for the response and all the teams efforts thus far.

I noticed Radzen Charts had some additional updates. We are looking for Plot bands and Plot lines. Is there now a way to have those?

Radzen Blazor Studio Professional owner

Hi @TheRHogue,

All supported features are demonstrated in the online demos. Plot bands and lines are not supported.