Current page does not update


I have custom component, which use RadzenDataGrid inside. I setup property AllowPaging=true.
It's working ok, but without update CurrentPage after reload grid.

Here is steps, what happens:

  1. First render, correct pulling data from DAO object
  2. Click on any other page number
  3. Call dao object with correct page arguments (pageNumber and pageSize)
  4. Items in grid update correct, but page number is still "1"

But, if i use radzen data grid without my custom component it's working good and with correct update of current page

I attach some screenshot with work

firstpage - state on first render, when i open page first time
lastpage - state after clicking on arrow for navigate to last page, data pulls correct, but, as i said, page number is still "1"

We are not sure how to reproduce this. To comment on this issue we will need a code snippet demonstrating the problem.