CulturePicker can not open when it's published the project

Hi Radzen Team,

I have an issue about The CulturePicker.

The project that I attached here is a good sample. It's a part of Radzen sample. When I run or debug locally everything is good. But when I published the project the CulturePicker combo does not work.

I checkedout my old projects. There are no problem. I added a new CulturePicker component and they worked.

What I do missing? (505.8 KB)

Just tried published your app with to my local IIS and everything worked normally:


It was the answer that I was afraid of :slight_smile:

I think I found something, and want to discuss it with you.

The domain that I report the problem is working over Cloudflare infrastructure.

It was a subdomain that proxied when I reported the problem. The interesting point is not only the CulturePicker but also the other components are not working properly in this case.

When the proxy was closed and the independent SSL certificate was used then everything went well. My problem is solved.

But I have two questions.

  1. Do we have some known limitations between these kinds of services and Blazor (or Radzen Controls)?
  2. Did anybody report something like this before me?

We don't have reports for such problems so far.

Most probably there was a JS error in the app. You should have checked for that.

Hello @korchev,

The example I shared does not contain any code I wrote. This is part of your example. So the codes are generated by RBS and my Java knowledge is not enough for this kind of deep dive.

On the other hand, I do not receive any errors neither in my test environment nor on the server. I can't find a problem with remote debugging. The program generally works, but objects do not respond. For example, when you click on a dropdown, it does not open.

I published the same example I shared before for both situations. (I shared the code in my first post.)

If you have time and you think this is a part of the Radzen World problem can you check it out? (proxy not active - CulturePicker is working) (proxy active - CulturePicker is not working)

I'd appreciate it if anything catches your attention or if you can give me a starting point I can check.

PS. I used different browsers, computers and OSes even I disabled the extensions etc. I could not find any meaningful reason.

No JavaScript seems to be working in the second example. I would recommend deploying a default Blazor application from Visual Studio to see if it works or not (I suspect it won't work as well). To be honest this seems to be a deployment issue which isn't related to Radzen products.

Thanks @korchev,

I'll sleep in peace :))

I did your suggestion and your prediction is approved. This is not related to Radzen. The proxied domain is not working over Cloudflare infrastructure (at least for me).

I'm still wondering if am I the only person facing this problem.

It seems other people have this problem too (found them by searching for "blazor cloudflare"):

There is a chance you are having the same problem - minification is removing the HTML comments which Blazor requires to work.

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I don't share my issues before googled (or asked AI) and I already searched the same keywords. But couldn't find. :)) I added this info my knowledgebase.