CSS - JS Problem


I seem to have an issue that has affected what I presume is CSS and/or JS related. This is how my form looks:

You can see that some of the numeric inputs have a styling issue with the black border in them, but also none of the drop downs are working either. I have this in the browser console:

Uncaught TypeError: Radzen.togglePopup is not a function
    at HTMLDivElement.onclick (VM9 stock-details:1)

I feel like I've broken something but I'm not sure what. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Paul_Pitchford,

You seem to be using old CSS and JS for some reason. Is this a deployed application? Radzen uses embedded resources for its CSS and JS. In development they are dynamically served. For production they are published in the wwwroot directory of the application.

Ok, so it makes sense. Kind of.

I remember creating an upload folder in wwwroot when I was thinking about using an upload component. However, I changed my mind and deleted the upload folder. Thinking back this is when the CSS broke.

I do recall copying the asset folder from another project back across to this project so I guess that was what caused the issue.

Today to fix the problem, I just deleted the asset folder and it recreated it on the next build and everything now works as you'd expect.