CSLA & Blazor

How can we integrate a CSLA based business objects with Radzen?

Can you elaborate? What kind of integration do you need?

I have all my business objects created and tested in CSLA. How can I use Radzen to generate a UI for those businessobjects?

Radzen cannot generate UI automatically in this case. It can only generate UI from a Radzen data source - database or OData service.

Can you point to examples or show examples of how you can integrate your own code (such as a business class) into your Radzen generated app? So although Radzen does not generate UI from not supported data sources, examples of how to integrate your own code libraries I think would also address the CSLA question.

You can check the Invoke method article - it shows how to add methods to your pages and invoke them in Radzen. In addition one can invoke any C# code via Execute C#