CRUD wizard / edit dialog not initially showing selected values when they are not on the first page of data


I've got a 2 SQL tables related via a foreign key and have used the Radzen New -> CRUD pages wizard to create the add & edit dialog pages. The foreign key table has 26 records which for an example I have set the values to be A through to Z. The code generated by the Radzen wizard sets the page size to 10 in the Page Load handler of the add & edit dialog pages.

If I edit a record which has the foreign key field set to a value between A and J (i.e. a value that will be shown in the first page of the DropDownDataGrid component) then the value is immediately displayed in the DropDownDataGrid component on the edit dialog when the edit dialog opens.

If I edit a record which has the foreign key field set to K (or anything after J in the alphabet), then when the edit dialog opens no value is initially shown as selected in DropDownDataGrid component - the component just displays the "Placeholder" configured on the DropDownDataGrid component. If now expand the DropDownDataGrid component and page through the pages until I get to the page which has the K value on it, then the DropDownDataGrid component refereshes and correctly shows selected value.

I don't want to increase the page size on the DropDownDatGrid component but, is there a way around this?

Hi @markb,

I've managed to reproduce the problem. The selected item is actually retrieved in the page load however the component fails to select it in the UI. We will do our best to provide fix with our next update.

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I've just upgraded to v2.53.7 and re-tested and that seems to have fixed the issue :smiley:

Many thanks for the quick fix!