CRUD with several relationships

I am working at a museum and want to create a Blazor app to manage exhibitions. I have attached a diagram of the part of the database that I want to start with. As you can see, there are some one-to-many relationships and some many-to-many relationships. How would I approach this if I want to use as much of the architecture, methods, and structure provided by Radzens CRUD functionality as possible? Also, I want to use Radzen's security system and store UserID for all DB entries.

One exhibition can have (one-to-may)

  • Many loans
  • Many tasks

One or many exhibitions can have (many-to-many)

  • Many media files stored in Azure blob

  • Many objects

  • Many Contacts

One Exhibition venue can have

  • Many exhibitions

I should add that I would like an exhibition page with a form and form fields where I can toggle between editable and noneditable states. Below the Exhibition form on the same page are several data grids with all objects, contacts, tasks, loans, and media related to the exhibition. When clicking existing objects, contacts, tasks, loans, or media in the data grids, the entry should be editable on a new page. When adding new objects, contacts, tasks, loans, and media related to the exhibition, they should automatically be connected to that exhibition by entering the relevant information in the junction tables behind the scenes.

RBS can create CRUD pages from one-to-many relations (lookups, master/detail, etc.). There are no templates for many-to-many relationships.