Crud Template Forms Now Defaulting to DropDown instead of DropDownDataGrid


I believe since update 4.15.4 Crud Add/Edit forms have been generating with DropDown components instead of DropDownDataGrid components as they had in the past. I enjoyed having DropDownDataGrid components because they allowed for multiple columns which made things more flexible.

It doesn't take a lot of time to convert the DropDown components if this is the direction Radzen wants to go but DropDownDataGrid is certainly my preference since I typically use at least two columns on form dropdowns for more context. Was the switch to DropDown components intentional or am I doing something wrong?



This was never the case. Both Radzen IDE and Radzen Blazor Studio are using DropDown components by default - only when you check "Allow paging, sorting and filtering of lookup data" DropDownDataGrid will be used:

Thank you, I did not know that! It seems I made a mistake and unchecked that box accidentally.