Crud tables grayed out when app is deployed

Hey Yall,

I am running into an issue when i deploy my razden webapp. the app loads on my server but the actual crud tables dont load any data form the server. they are just grayed out. any thoughts?

Hi @Randie,

This could happen if there is a runtime error (JavaScript or .NET). Check Radzen's Output window for any exceptions.

Hi @korchev.

I looked through the output and dont seem to see any issue.

dotnet: Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 16.1.76+g14b0a930a7 for .NET Core
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

dotnet: Restore completed in 63.51 ms for C:\Users\user\Documents\fy20onefirm\server\project.csproj.

dotnet: project -> C:\Users\user\Documents\fy20onefirm\server\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.2\server.dll

dotnet: project -> C:\Users\user\Documents\fy20onefirm\server\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.2\server.Views.dll

dotnet: project -> C:\Users\user\Documents\fy20onefirm\server\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.2\publish\

radzen: Server application prepare for publish done in 2667ms.
radzen: Building Angular application in production ...
Date: 2019-07-24T19:19:37.956Z
Hash: b8921cb61b0a293ceb64
Time: 24918ms
chunk {0} runtime.26209474bfa8dc87a77c.js (runtime) 1.41 kB [entry] [rendered]
chunk {1} es2015-polyfills.bda95d5896422d031328.js (es2015-polyfills) 56.6 kB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {2} main.e289c3633a2dfb0b66c9.js (main) 1.76 MB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {3} polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js (polyfills) 153 kB [initial] [rendered]
chunk {4} styles.3b548d1e89340032819d.css (styles) 412 kB [initial] [rendered]

radzen: Angular application production build done in 28659ms.
radzen: Deploying...
radzen: Reading connection strings
radzen: Saving connection strings in appsettings.json
radzen: Creating temporary deploy folder
radzen: Copying client app to deploy folder
radzen: Copying server app to deploy folder
radzen: Deploy finished.
radzen: Deploy done in 2726ms.

Does the application work in development? If yes there could be a production only error. In this case Radzen should have logged the exception in a file %SYSTEMDRIVE%\inetpub\wwwroot\[APPLICATION_NAME]\radzen_#####_##########.log. Often the problem is DB connection error. For example if you use windows authentication in MSSQL server it may not work in production because the user that IIS uses doesn't have access to the database.

It does work in development. Im currently building on a windows machine/server so not sure where that log file might be. Im using a mysql database. I went into my phpmyadmin and made sure that the username did in fact have access to he database

That log file will be in the directory where the application is deployed. Usually C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<application name>. You can also run the deployed application from command line - the exception will be logged there. Use Deploy to ZIP and unzip the file. Then with command prompt go to that directory and run dotnet server.dll. This will start the application at http://localhost:5000.

I dont have the log file/I dont see any exceptions in the command line. I feel hopeless haha. I dont understand what Im doing wrong. To deploy it im following the "Build and deploy the Angular application" guide right before it gets to the "Build and deploy the ASP.NET Core application". I then go into the client\dist or the\wwwroot (have tried both) folder and copy the contents over to my apache htdocs folder. Am I missing something?

I opened up the developer tools in chrome and see that i have an error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) odata/fy20onefirm/T2As?$top=10&$skip=0&$count=true:1

Honestly am a little confused on next steps

Oh, you should have mentioned earlier that you are not using the built-in deployment.

You seem to have deployed half of the application - the Angular part. You need to also deploy the .NET Core part - the server side. Our documentation covers IIS deployment. You can still follow the instructions that show how to build the application. Using Deploy to ZIP should also do the trick. However hosting ASP.NET Core application in Apache isn't just copying everything to htdocs. You can check Microsoft's instructions here for the full procedure.