Creating custom method, issues with context

I've been trying to create this custom method to automatically generate a record in a junction table for many hours but I am unable to determine what references and context is required to make it work. Visual studio is telling me the following issues cannot be found in the current context.

CreateEmployeeJobRole exists in the Services.cs

Radzen pages do not have a Context injected by default. You can check this help article for further instructions: Invoke method (Blazor)

Thanks @korchev , I figured it out!

I'm actually now trying to figure out how to retrieve the values stored by this method so that the drop down options are pre-checked on page load. I also want to make sure that deselecting values removes them from the junction table when saving a form so that they aren't checked on the next load. I can't find any topics on this scenario specifically. The jobroles of each employee are expected to change frequently

I have resolved this. I use the result of a 'get' query and 'select' action to return IEnumerable and preselect values