Create DataGridColumn template component

I have a DataGrid with several columns that should behave the same, so I got the idea to create my own component that contains the RadzenDataGridColumn. And it seems to work, except they get inserted at the end of the grid instead of in the order they are declared. Is there a way to fix this?


<MyDataGridColumn Title="AA" />
<MyDataGridColumn Title="BB" />

<RadzenDataGridColumn Title="100" Property="T10" Width="50px" Sortable="false" TItem="Row">
	<EditTemplate Context="item">
		<RadzenTextBox @bind-Value="item.T10" Style="width:100%; display: block" Name="T10" />
		<RadzenRegexValidator Component="T10" Text="Value must be [-, 0, 1, 2]." Pattern="^[-012]" Popup="true" />

MyDataGridColumn is just the same RadzenDataGridColumn block, but in its own razor file (and with Title as a parameter).