Create A Server Side Blazor Basic Student Registration App

In this 45 minute tutorial, you will learn how to create SERVER-SIDE BLAZOR applications using the following technologies C#,ASP.NET Core,SQL Server and RADZEN. You will also learn how to customize some of the CRUD pages generated by RADZEN. Finally you will learn how to implement ASP.NET Core identity User Authentication and Authorization. Find the link below


Hi @Benjamin_Fadina,

Thank you for your great contribution! This video is quite good.

As a token of our gratitude we would like to give you a Radzen Professional subscription (if you are up to it of course). Please send us an email to and we will give you a license key.

Hello All,

Kindly find the link for the github repository for this video

Hi @Benjamin_Fadina,

You could create one "catch-all" topic with links to all your videos. I will pin it globally and you can add new posts to this thread as needed.

Alright Korchev. I will do that.