Could not start Radzen server process: Failed to start Radzen.Server process: Error: spawn dotnet ENOENT

I am getting this error when I try to load an existing project.

Could not start Radzen server process: Failed to start Radzen.Server process: Error: spawn dotnet ENOENT

I recently upgraded my dev system to Win11
I uninstalled and reinstalled Radzen Blazor Studio
Information from the log file:
[2022-06-07 10:52:12.826] [info] License check result: true
[2022-06-07 10:52:12.828] [info] Checking for update
[2022-06-07 10:52:18.399] [info] Found version 2.68.13 (url: Radzen-Setup-2.68.13.exe)
[2022-06-07 10:52:18.399] [info] Downloading update from Radzen-Setup-2.68.13.exe
[2022-06-07 10:52:18.402] [info] Cached update sha512 checksum doesn't match the latest available update. New update must be downloaded. Cached: 0/PHlj4pfsME+1J11gKizhb3cvi++xdtSPW6ctGXPXvpyr2A16ZyI/YjsXJbTjj/ztB3Ckw1eenUWJ2BUCPpGg==, expected: CasVAUMdj7BRWo9pyZY+LzJlGLp6Kcuc3OOcjsMYCbbI2ATkZzzS7ZcM6adUB+BbC5HAdNUtaeFV9O7jkSrURQ==. Directory for cached update will be cleaned
[2022-06-07 10:52:18.414] [info] Download block maps (old: "", new:
[2022-06-07 10:52:18.573] [error] Cannot download differentially, fallback to full download: Error: Cannot parse blockmap "", error: incorrect header check, raw data: version: 2.68.13

  • url: Radzen-Setup-2.68.13.exe
    sha512: CasVAUMdj7BRWo9pyZY+LzJlGLp6Kcuc3OOcjsMYCbbI2ATkZzzS7ZcM6adUB+BbC5HAdNUtaeFV9O7jkSrURQ==
    size: 354482896
    isAdminRightsRequired: true
    path: Radzen-Setup-2.68.13.exe
    sha512: CasVAUMdj7BRWo9pyZY+LzJlGLp6Kcuc3OOcjsMYCbbI2ATkZzzS7ZcM6adUB+BbC5HAdNUtaeFV9O7jkSrURQ==
    releaseDate: '2022-06-02T07:09:56.687Z'

    at p (C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:42:173739)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:85:5)
    at async Promise.all (index 0)
    at async t.NsisUpdater.differentialDownloadInstaller (C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:42:173819)
    at async Object.task (C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:42:171490)
    at async t.NsisUpdater.executeDownload (C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:9:426100)
    [2022-06-07 10:52:18.711] [error] Failed to spawn Radzen.Server process.

What’s the project meta/app.json -> serverVersion? What are the installed .NET versions - you can check that using:
dotnet —version
dotnet —info

Also what are you actually using? You mention Radzen Blazor Studio however the log file is from Radzen. The error means that the dotnet command can't be found. It is probably not in the PATH or dotnet isn't installed.